Kudos to Marcie West at Washington DC Motor Vehicles Dept

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Washington, DC, May 26, 2016 – I walked in to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Washington DC to get my Driver’s license, as I have moved out of Texas for good,  from there I was to go straight to Louisville, Kentucky.  It did not happen.

There were way too many people processing their licenses in DC – a lot of people are moving here. I thought I will be in and out!  In I was at 9:56 and out at 2:30 – that is 4.5 hours of sitting in at the open hall with 500 other people…. of course there was a fire drill and we all had to be out for 30 some minutes. I cannot wish there were less people, because I am one of them.

The Government offices in DC are incredibly efficient, but this office is super efficient.  Operations Management is natural to me and I am inclined to observe things.  When I drive through McDonald’s for my coffee,  I multiply the number of cars ahead of me by 2 Minutes and decide to stay or not, when I go to the Banks I watch the processing time – they are way too slow here in DC– 8 minutes per transaction, and PNC is the only bank here that takes less than 2 minutes, Wells Fargo takes 10 minutes and Bank of America takes 6 minutes.

So, here at DMV, they were averaging 7 minutes per person as I keep track of the numbers on the screen with the time, when my turn came – it was C056 at Window 12.

Marcie West was the agent, what an efficient processor she was, and what a delight it was to talk with her. She took 5 minutes and I had everything ready – bank statements, social security card, passport, and Texas driver’s license. She did not stare at the screen un-purposefully as some do, and she did not search for the keys on the key board to type. She was a pleasant precision machine. So good to see efficient people!

I wish more people in public serve like her. You’ll find me writing about extraordinary people on my blog and face book at least once a month.

Marcie, I salute you, you are a great employee, keep it up.

Note:  Don’t forget to check if you are an Organ Donor and don’t forget to be a registered Voter. I am registered as an independent voter now. I am neither a Republican or a Democrat but a patriot American and choose the candidates that are good for my country.


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