Kudos to Jeffersonville Indiana’s Police officer Jason Jackson

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Monday, February 16, 2015 | TheGhouseDiary.com 

This morning at 7:15, Yasmeen’s car was slip sliding up the hill on
New Chapel Road out of the Crystal wood neighborhood in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The
road was not salted yet as is the practice. The car just refused to go up the
hill… we stopped. 

In no time police car pulled up and officer Jason Jackson (name confirmed by
Police department) walked up.  He was
extraordinarily nice – Yasmeen was reversing to go back but having
difficulty with the sliding; the road had ditches on both sides with no guards. 

We tried his instructions in vain to no avail, and then
he made a point to walk with the car asking to turn the wheel to keep us going
back straight…  he got out of the car at
least 5 times in the snow to help us out.

Finally, the salt truck came, he was with us in getting the car to a safe zone
and then we were able to drive up the hill – and turn around at the next
intersection and came back home.

Uphill – could not drive up
 an hour later, road was salted and cleared
Great police officer
Officer Jason Jackson’s calm face was particularly
reassuring, when you are apprehensive.  We
did not get to say thank you to him for the help and politeness, so I called the police station to get his name which they did. I did not want to call him today and more than likely he is busy helping others.

As Citizens, it is necessary for us to appreciate the good things police
officers do, while criticizing the bad apples.  It takes me back to my first positive
encounter with American police in 1979 in New York. A bunch of bad guys were
chasing me yelling at me “hey you Iranian,” … I had no idea what to do, so I
ran to the police officer way out on the street corner, they were still out there, then  the officer was kind enough to walk me to the
subway, and made sure I boarded the train safely and took off. What a positive first time impression!

Though I have had nothing but positive
encounters with police, I feel sad for those who did not, particularly the
African Americans and the latest one in Alabama, Suresh Bhai Patel a senior
who was brutally hurt – thank God he is recovering.
Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County Florida will
hopefully be in the film we are making about Pastor Jones ordeal.  He is an extraordinary Sheriff and I have had some
entertaining meaningful conversations with him, he and his entire department was caring and were dedicated to public safety with their hearts, minds and souls.  He is a great Sheriff known for precise witty and folksy comments. 

A Sheriff in Mt. Vernon, Texas walked in to the library to arrest me, as I was
on Phone with Sean Hannity on his Radio show talking about terrorism and
matching my sound level with my dear friend Brigitte Gabriel with high pitch
maxed decibel sound – the library people were scared with the conversation and
had called him in.  When I told the
Sheriff that I was on Radio and talking about Terrorism… he asked me what
Radio? I told him, Hannity on Fox, then he said, “so you were that dude, I just
heard you” then all of us had a big laugh, took pictures and I wrote a blog about it.
I was a commissioner in City of Carrollton –
Mayor Becky Miller held a tough meeting about cutting police officers pays in
2006 or 2007, she did not want to do that but she was pushed, and I went and spoke in the city hall in favor of increase and
keep the best force we had. We cannot afford to compromise Public Safety for
the sake of budget.
On the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha, I have
made a point in asking Muslims to appreciate every man and woman in the uniform
for the sacrifice they make for our safety and God willing, I will continue to
that wherever I can. 
If you see good things done by police, please
let them know. They deserve to hear good things about them, when they see so
many depressing things during a day and yet keep their composure and deal with each individual for who they were with least bias. You’ve got to admire them.
Police officer Jason Jackson, I hope that is you.
Next time I am in town, I will come and say hello to you, may be take you to lunch as an appreciation if the system permits. 
I was
thinking of Paul Simon’s song… slip sliding away…  and I keep humming it. 
Song dedicated to Police Officer Jason Jackson.

Here it is – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_H-LY4Jb2M


Mike Ghouse


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