Kathleen Matthews: Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District from Maryland.

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Chevy Chase, MD,
December 19, 2015 — We have to engage with our politicians and be a part of shaping a cohesive America, where each one of us can succeed in our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Together we have to work for a strong and secure America. 
My friends, Shafiq Khan and Qaisar Shareef invited me to have a conversation with Kathleen Matthews, who is one of the many candidates running for Congress from the 8th Congressional District from Maryland. We met in Star Bucks coffee house in Chevy Chase, MD.

In the brief conversation we had, we learned that she is making an effort to meet as many people as she can, and wants to do what is good for all Americans. Being a former television anchor in Washington, she is open to listening to diverse opinions, and is caring and sensitive to fellow Americans.  

When I meet politicians, one thing that strikes me most
about them is their attitude; you are my fellow American, you are an Indian and
I like Indians, you are a Muslim and I have no problem with you, you are Jewish
and I support Israel, and the ridiculous, you had better vote for me, I’m doing
a favor meeting with you.
Karen Matthews’s attitude was, “You are my fellow American.”As an American Muslim who considers our constitution as one the most revered documents, I like her genuine attitude of  “you are my fellow American.” That is indeed the promise of America, that we are all created equal.  When we carry the attitude of respecting the otherness of others, and accepting the God given uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.
Politically, I’m an independent and have supported both Republican and Democratic candidates and will continue to do so. Trump does not represent Republican values, thanks to Lindsey Graham and a few other good men and women for speaking up.  The candidates who are good for America are those who genuinely believe in an indivisible nation with liberty and justice for all. I hope to meet the other Democratic and Republican candidates and hear them out.
Kathleen Matthews is smart and knows a divisive America would be difficult to manage, and an inclusive America is where her efforts are places, that is the right way to move forward.
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