Kamala Harris is a winner

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Congratulations to Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for selecting the right candidate. Biden made his first right decision by selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate. She will change the role of Vice-presidency and will be more active in domestic politics, and most certainly, she will not be a docile poodle like Pence. Kamala will stand her ground; we needed a VP who can say no to the president; she will be the one. On his part, Biden will be a secure individual who would welcome debates and discussions about doing the right thing for America.

Sen. Harris is progressive and inclusive. She will not buy into the prejudices that held the nation back. Her intellectualism is a breath of fresh air. Indeed it was worth our time to watch her grill Judge Bret Kavanaugh and attorney general nominee William Barr. Those Indian Americans who are still struggling with racism and prejudices; may go to Trump to align with his racism, casteism, classism, and bigotry. But there are not many of them.

Again, congratulations to Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and the Democratic party. I wish there were a debate between Trump and Harris. She will tear him apart and would not let him bullshit his way through.

Biden has to reach out to the Trump supporters, embrace every American, no one should feel excluded. No more “deplorable” language.

By the way, she has received my book American Muslim Agenda.

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