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Justice is one of the 17 Values of Islam – 09/06/21

If it is not common sense, then it is not Islam. How does “Justice” contribute towards safe and secure societies? Justice verses in the Quran have a definite formula – read three sentences before and three after the given verse to fully understand the meaning. More on the program.

Dr. Safi Kaskas and Mike Ghouse will present the program. The word Justice is a synonym for the word Islam. However, some of the Muslim majority nations’ practices are contrary to the teachings of Islam, evidenced in the chapter fixing Sharia laws. Regardless of what Muslim practices, the central value of Islam remains Justice.

The United States, Canada, UK, and a few other democracies are thriving well because there is the rule of law. The Rich and poor, influential and unknown, woman or a man, child or a senior feel secure living their lives in these nations. That takes away the apprehensions and tensions and gives them the freedom to better their lives. In the process, they will contribute to the overall goodness of society.

Reference – https://worldmuslimcongress.org/islam…

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