Janamashtami Mubarak

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Janmashtami is celebration of Sri Krishna’s birthday, the man who is the 8th Avatar (representation) of Vishnu; meaning the facet of creator that manages the preservation aspect of life.   

Hinduism sees God in three broad categories; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma reflects the creator form of God, and Vishnu represents the preserver aspect of creation that inspires one to be righteous, and Shiva brings a finite ending to life. It is a part of the life cycle; every human is born, lives on, and finally disintegrates. Much of Hindu philosophy revolves around the preservation aspect of life; two of the most common and well known reflections are in the persona of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama.  Most people including some Hindus see this as Multiple Gods, it ain’t, and it’s the same God seen in different lights. 

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