Israeli blunders

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What’s wrong with the Israeli politicians? Do they get it?
The Israeli leaders are jeopardizing the peace prospects, they are either dumb or they want to find an excuse to go to war again, like our right wingers in America, they are itching for wars and chaos. If they bring peace, they are not needed any more.
Pressuring the US to let Mubarak stay is down right stupid, it will antagonize the Egyptian Public that has not been anti-Israel so far. They should either shut up or welcome the people movement. The peace pact is between the people of Egypt and the people of Israel and not between Netanyahu and Mubarak, these dudes will be gone, but public policy sustains.
It is time for Israeli public to speak up, it is their future and their safety that is being put in harms way.
The right thing for Israel in the long haul is to nurture goodwill and support the people’s movement rather than alienating them.

Why is Israel so blind?

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