Israel ranks low in global popularity

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This is indeed a wake call for the people of Israel and the Jewry around the world. The people of Israel need to recognize that the real enemies of Israel are men like Netanyahu and his cronies who have frightened the day lights out of the Jews to buy their their reluctant support, just in case the fears are real.

A poll released Tuesday by the BBC confirms Israel remains one of the world’s least popular countries, with more than half of those surveyed identifying its influence as “mainly negative.” Only North Korea, Pakistan and Iran fared worse. Fifty-two percent of respondents view Israel in a negative light; 21% rated it in positive terms, placing it far behind China’s 42% and Russia’s 30%.

I am a supporter of Israel’s right to exist and have written nearly 50 articles to that effect, talked about it and speak endlessly. The Jewish people have suffered the most in the community of nations, and I was hoping the creation of Israel would have taken them out of the 3000 year old insecurity, apprehensions and discomfort and bring them genuine liberation, where they can drop all their guards and enjoy the sense of freedom and security.

Guess who is holding them hostage, it is the right wing politics of Israel and the right wing Christians and Jews of  America, and they simply cannot see people living in peace and cook up enemies and keep the Israelis under control.  The moderate majority of Israelis and Jews in America are accustomed to the bullying from the few, they need to have the guts to speak up and take back their nations and drive it into security.

The American right wingers are the 2nd most enemies of Israel, their mouths tell one thing, and their actions do the opposite. These men want Israel to remain in eternal wars so they can make their good. You can see how Israeli government has been a bad boy in the community of nations, and it appears that US is the only ally of Israel when you look up the UN votes on issues. Except the ones we throw money at like UK, Spain, Italy and a few others beggars, most of the free world is not with us, we are wrong in not getting Israel and Palestine to the table and God only can help our arrogance which refuses to see our ills.

The actions of Israeli government, just about every action is isolating Israel, the people are sick of Israel getting away with murders. And as long as Israel is seen as the bully who does not care about the world opinion, it accelerates Antisemitism.  Israeli public needs to wake up and remove the military dependency on the United States and be a proud free people who can chart their own destiny. The right wingers in the US will not let Israel have peace and security.

As a Moderate Muslim I understand the plight of moderate Jews – we are the majorities, and we are used to taking abuse from the “few” bullies, they frighten the crap out of us. The least we can do is to speak up and see things will change for the good of all people. I like to see security for Israelis and Justice for the Palestinians, neither will get what they want, if they don’t respect the other’s needs and take over the power from the right wing extremists of Israel and America, who don’t give a flip about Israel. 

Its time for Israelis to wake up, it’s time for the right wing Jews to wake up and sincerely seek peace, through peace and not the military might, it is strong and no one can touch it. Peace is always made by the powerful and by the majority, the burden for peace falls squarely on Israel. 

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Author’s note: Who am I to worry about Israelis and Palestinians? What inspires me to be involved in the Israel Palestine conflict? The following is the story of my struggle to see a cohesive world, the story will take you through different emotions but at the end, I hope you feel a sense of completeness of the story. Due to its length, it is in three parts – its in the ABOUT us at My blog


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