Is there a life after death? Reincarnation?

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Is there a life after death? Many religions teach that there is a life hereafter. There is a paradise or hell, depending on how you lived your life.

If you are God-conscious – that is God-like with a bias towards none, and be just and caring for his creation; life, and matter, then you are going to paradise. On the other hand, you “may” go to hell if you are the wrongdoer. The word “may” is used because God is merciful; if you have done one simple good thing for his creation, you may get the pass.

In Hindu and some Buddhist traditions, you will be repeatedly born until you do no wrong and achieve moksha (freedom), which is nothing but paradise – a state of mind without tensions, apprehensions, and conflicts.

All the various religious traditions, including Atheism, have the same goal: freedom today, tomorrow, and forever.

The law of karma does not spare any wrongdoer and most certainly rewards all the righteous ones.

Reward and punishment are necessary to put everyone on the moral ground of harmony.

What happens if the civil and criminal laws of the land were to say, “Man, you can murder, rape, cheat or loot; there is no punishment for you?”

Will justice be served to the criminals, wrongdoers, and mass murderers?

Are the concepts of “reincarnation and “life hereafter” merely explanations for questions about what happens after death? Each tradition talks about reincarnation and life hereafter as a fact.

For a majority of the people, the idea of reincarnation or life hereafter works; they are satisfied with the explanations given to them. Are you?

What are your thoughts?

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