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Romney and Paul are relatively a safe bet against Obama; most certainly Ron Paul will be a bigger challenge to Obama than Romney. Rick Santorum earned 5 more votes than Romney in the final tally in the Iowa Caucus. Santorum will not make it, he is a right winger shamelessly wearing a conservative badge, he will take our nation to the brink of disaster thorugh war mongering mind set.
Michelle Bachman is an embarrassment, she does not see the writing on the wall, and at least Rick Perry has seen it. Gingrich will be an embarrassment to our nation; he acts as though he will not be caught by saying one thing to you and the other to me even here in Iowa he goofed up.
I hope Bachman, Perry, Gingrich and Huntsman will drop out of the race so we can hear more vigorous debates from Romney and Paul. We need candidates who are inclusive and good for America, every one of the inhabitants of America. We are one nation under God with liberty and Justice for all.
Mike Ghouse committed to a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. 

Latest: Glad things changed from early announcements to this “Mitt Romney eked out a minuscule 8-vote victory over Rick Santorum in Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses on Tuesday night, bringing down the curtain on an improbable first act in the campaign to pick a challenger to President Barack Obama for next fall. “

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