Interfaith picture of the month – a Monk and a Hijabi

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Interfaith Pictures Monk and Hijabi | 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., —
As I was walking from the Jefferson Library of Congress towards my office on Maryland Avenue, I saw a unique activity happening on the road in front of Capitol Hill.
A Muslim Hijabi (scarf over head) girl was taking picture of a Buddhist monk; I thought that was unique, as the Monks usually refrain from taking pictures. I guess America does it to everyone; Supreme Court was behind in the picture.  I grabbed my cell phone, and took a quick shot of it. 

As I walked closer to them, the role was reversed, and now the Monk is taking the picture of the woman in scarf. 

It is common for tourists to stop the person walking by to ask him/her to take the picture.  A monk and a Hijabi girl together?

I walked up to them and told them how unique it was to see those taking pictures of each other. She was from Indonesia and he was from Burma.

Burma?  The image that comes up is the extremist violent Buddhist Monks who are raping and pillaging the local Rohingya Muslims, and the other image is the Protest they held some ten years ago, tens of thousands of them walking in peace to protest against dictatorship. These are two contrasting images and I have written about both the incidents at

This has been my fight all my life – not to stereotype people. In every community, every neighborhood, you will find the good, bad and ugly behaviors. 

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