Indonesia going conservative?

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Indonesia going conservative

Even the ultra-liberals would resist the idea of non-restrictive copulation between adults; some one has to bear the consequences of such acts. They may silently and reluctantly accept it, but will not put a bill board to encourage others to participate in such an activity.

It is a wrong idea to assume that, it is the religion that restricts sex outside of marriage. Even if we do not have an organized religion, these rules would have evolved and become a part of a society. It becomes even more important to encourage responsibility given the STD’s, Pregnancies, and Caring for the children born out of irresponsibility, dependencies and abortion. One irresponsible act can produce a series of undesirable situations.

However, being conservative sounds like patriarchal, where some one wants to control how others behave, the re-evolving ‘conservatism’ in Indonesia is fraught with patriarchal attitudes, thanks God it is in the evolving state, it can be checked.

The idea of placing chastity lock assumes women are at fault; actually it is the men who initiate and beg for non-customary favors. By the way the same logic applies when men want to keep the women from the public eye. There was a time in history where the woman was required to die with the husband, and the kings used to put chastity locks on their wives when they went out conquering lands; such was the control exercised by the conservative, insecure men. It is time; we men grow up and feel confident in our relationships.

The laws should be based on treating humanity on an equal footing. No should be assumed to be superior or inferior. Qur’aan, “Men and Women are each others garments”. Just as the garments shield one from the cold and heat, the metaphor encompasses every aspect of life including the vows; in happiness and sorrow, sickness and health, poverty or wealth, weakness or strength, difficulties and comforts, men and women are indeed each other’s garment. No matter what faith or culture you follow, the essence of the vows is the same; justice. ( )

Immorality stems from social injustice, in this situation, the men assume that the women need money and they can trade services, the assumption is based on social injustice where one takes advantage of the other, which leads to other imbalances in the society and depriving the members from security, peace and prosperity.

I hope Indonesia re-evaluates the idea and initiates the programs where the root cause for such thinking is burned out and every individual to immorality is assigned equal responsibility.

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