Indian Muslims: Exemplary Citizens

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First of all, Muslims are proud of the majority of Hindus, who are kind, caring, and do a lot of good, as the majority of people in every group. Muslims have always appreciated Hindus. We wish and pray that the minority of our Hindu friends walk the path of dharma, the righteous road, and drop the hatred and ill-will towards fellow Indians.

The good news is from India. Nearly 450 Million Dalits* (200), Muslims (200). Christians (30) and Sikhs (20) as minorities in India have chosen the path of service to humanity, non-violence, justice, and kindness. On this particular site, there are about 20 categories of services Muslims are providing to fellow Indians. You can check each one of the tabs at

Despite the endless lynching and harassment by the extremists among the Hindutvadis (, and the violence heaped on them, Muslims chose non-violence and decided to serve the needy in at least 20 categories. Some of the Muslims are even facing evictions from their homes, but as minorities, and even as poor as they are, Muslims, Dalits, Christians, and Sikhs are committed to be good citizens and serve fellow Indians.

We pray that we continue to strengthen the existing relationships with the majority of Hindus who care for justice and fair treatment of fellow Indians. It is the right thing to do and that is what Islam teaches: that we are all created equal and no one is more privileged than the other, and we must stand up for fairness and justice to every human being.

Here are a few examples of Muslim service to fellow Indians;

  1. Muslims have performed the last rites for Hindus, as the deceased’s family members did not even go near the dead bodies of their families.
  2. Muslims have cremated over 200 Hindus per our records, and there are hundreds more including the members of the BJP party who are hell-bent on making the life of Muslims difficult.
  3. Muslims have opened up mosques, hotels, and schools for the covid treatment centers.
  4. Muslims have opened up food pantries and taking the food directly to the needy at their residences/ shacks.
  5. Muslims are even selling their properties and helping their fellow Indians out.
  6. The largest donor to the Covid Relief in India is a Muslim, and Rich Muslims and film actors have contributed Covid supplies, equipment, etc.
  7. Muslims are plasma donors to the very people who lynched them.
  8. Check the web portal

We must celebrate the goodness of Muslims in India; they did not respond to violence with violence, instead, they are serving and caring for fellow Indians. As Americans, we need to be proud of Indian Muslims and do our best to speak up against the atrocities. They won’t let India go down the spiral. They will hold India together and not let it splinter, they can keep India a strong nation.

There are about 20 categories of services Muslims are providing to fellow Indians who are not Muslims. The website is – check each tab for each service.

We thank some of the donors who have contributed towards the work, I still need to meet the expenses of $5500.00 of which I’ve received $2900.00. The donor’s names are in the about section of We welcome you to contribute more stories and videos, and of course donate to pay for the initial cost and cost of maintenance.

“Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was an Indian independence activist, patriot, Islamic theologian, writer, and senior leader of the Indian National Congress. Following India’s independence, he became the First Minister of Education in the Indian government.” He laid the solid foundation for education including establishing the IIT, which has put India on the world map of information technology. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Maulana for giving us a good foundation of education. 

Thank you.
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