India Elections: Congratulations to the people of Delhi for electing the Aam Aadmi Party

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Congratulations to the Aam Aadmi Party for winning the elections for Delhi State, it is indeed a landslide victory, but not a good victory for the state. It is a slaughterous victory for democracy by giving 67 out of 70 seats to one party. My biggest disappointment is the future of this kind of democracy where there is no room for opposition.

If you look at the history of democracies be it India, Israel, UK or USA, all the evil wars and implementation of bad policies have been occurred with such majorities. We have got to create a movement where we give majority to a party in each house to cause debates before decisions are made. This will guarantee us the public that we do not have sheepish representatives, but the ones who debate the merits of a bill.
The entire BJP juggernaut was rejected by the Delhi Public. Never in the history of India, the entire national machinery, and 120 cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister focused on winning the election in the state of Delhi.
Modi has failed the Indians – a lot is written about his inability to control the extremists in his party. This is the first sign of reality catching up with BJP. He cannot help himself, he is not trained to be an inclusive individual, he is trying hard but his RSS Madrasa education prevents him from being inclusive.
Meanwhile, Indians are getting sick of BJP – they promised to focus on prosperity but ended up messing up with social structure – 5 churches were burnt in New Delhi and forced conversions of Muslims is going on, and Mr. Modi has remained silent. This is a pay back and hope Mr. Modi learns.
The problem with Modi is he has got too many Chamchas (sycophants) who blindly praise and even worship him, and perhaps keep him misinformed. It will all accumulate to his ungraceful fall. What he needs is people who are critical of him, that will cause him to be on his toes and succeed in his sab ka sath sab ka vikas goal. On my part I will be critical of him and keep him on his toes. I may look bad to the Chamchas, but that is the right thing to do, than let him fall. If he succeeds, all of us will.
If Mr. Modi does not control the extremists in his party, he is doomed to lose more and the majority of Indians will not cry over it.
I am pleased to add the following incisive analysis by Dr. Amal Mukherjee. I urge Modi supporters to be critical. The greatest enemies of Modi are his Chamchas, defending him on everything he does without realizing its effects on the social cohesion of India. Chamchagiri is the ugliest thing one can do to a leader, be the best citizens of India and criticize where necessary and praise where it is deserved, if not he will fall ungracefully from the esteem you have given him.
67/3 in Delhi, What went wrong for the BJP?
– Inadequate water and electricity in the Capital.
– Failure of law and order
– PM’s inability to reign in the so-called fringe / extremist elements.
– Failure to improve the environmental quality of life .
– Ghar wapsi , forced conversions , church attacks .
– Perception-disconnect between the common man and the PM’s personal life-style. ( I think this is a bit over-the-top , but the common man has his own notions + his vote ).
– More time spent with foreign dignitaries in India as well as in abroad and with the corporate honchos, less time with the common man on road.
– Name calling of the AAP leaders, especially of AK, by the BJP leaders – backfired on them.
– Hollow promises by BJP leaders (black money etc.), especially by NAMO, before the general election, not fulfilled, made it worse by Jaitley’s song and dance.
It is time for BJP to do some serious introspection and soul searching. Basking in the glory of their general election win is gone. They need to break some new ground.
AAP must fulfill their commitments also otherwise soon they will be kicked out. Indian voters are very intelligent and cannot be fooled. Money cannot buy them anymore. Those days of Congress malpractice have long gone.
As an Indian deeply committed to democracy in India, I am disappointed that we do not have a strong opposition. A strong opposition keeps the government on its toes, and at least somewhat accountable. Fascism takes root when the government has huge majority and huge mandate; it is the most dangerous thing for a nation to give full powers to a single party.
Now that AAP has this mandate, from here on I will be extremely critical of them, that is the patriotic thing to do to prevent the nation from going to dogs. I will be Critical of Modi government as well, even though I spoke favarobly about Modi in the beginning, listening to his thoughtful speeches. I urge Modi supporters to be critical, if not he will fall ungracefully from the esteem he has earned. Modi should speak out against radicalism from his party, and not be a goonga.
About Modi – still to be updated.
If Mr. Modi does not control the extremists in his party, he is doomed to lose more and the majority of Indians will not cry over it.
Mike Ghouse

 About Modi – still to be updated.

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