I Voted Today, Nov 3, 2020

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A question for you, if one of the candidates wins by one vote, would that be your vote? You still have time till 8 PM tonite.

A few surprising positions on the ballot (non-federal) were; Sohaer Rizvi Syed for United States Representative,  Chander Jayaraman for council member at large, and Ravi Perry for the board of Education. The delegates to the House of representatives include Omari Musa, Amir Lowery, and Eleanor Holmes Norton (incumbent).

For the Federal government, these were the names; Biden-Harris, Trump-Pence, Pierce-Ballard, and LaRiva-Sunil Freeman.

What I cherish about voting on the final day is the festive buzz around the facilities.

I walked to the polling booth about half a mile from my place. I was expecting a big line and was hoping to talk to the people. Nopes, there was no line.  I walked right through the sports Arena at 1100 Oak Street to the registration desks.  It was good to see them all reading books and checking their emails – of course; they are volunteers!

The Paparazzi experience was terrific since I was the only one in the line, six photographers were clicking non-stop pictures, and television crews were filming. From the registration desk to handing over the paper ballot (I chose the paper over electronic) and then inserting into the electronic machine and receiving the acknowledgment that my vote was counted.

It was a festive environment outside the arena, offering donuts, coffee, pancake, and other items—what a joy it was.

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