I am blessed to be a Pluralist, and wish the same to you. Amen

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It feels sacred to embrace and be embraced by every human on the earth.
Thank God for not cutting off that large umbilical cord between me and
the creation, and I feel blessed to be connected with everyone.

I am in
my comfort zone with friends from every walk of life – political right
to the left, theists to atheists,  and social
conservatives to progressives. It is not easy, but when you put in the
effort and succeed, life is full of joy. We are a part of the whole and I
pray that we all realize we are merely the specks in this huge expanse
of universe, interconnected with everyone and interdependent on each
other in this web of life. Let’s not mess with this web.

God bless you,

Mike Ghouse | President
Center for Pluralism

Studies in
Social, religious, cultural, Gender, Political and work Place Pluralism.
Pluralism is neither a religion nor rule of law, it is merely our attitude of
“Respecting the otherness of others.” and accepting the God-given uniqueness of
each one of the 7.2 Billion of us.

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