Historical Week for Mike Ghouse, daughter Mina marries Chris

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This week has been one of the most eventful weeks for me.
Since Friday, I have been attending to non-stop happenings.  I am behind on many things and hope to catch
up this coming week.

1. Saturday – My daughter Jasmina Ghouse married Chris
Bishop, her love of the life. She has never been this happy before since she
has been with Chris. It was one of the most beautiful weddings; I will be
posting the video in a few days.  Our
entire family is happy with this marriage and we pray for their happiness and a
blissful life.

2. Sunday – Was on Fox and Friends about Chattanooga

3. Monday – Drove from Atlanta to Washington DC

4. Tuesday – Attended Dinner Reception at Department of
State and met several people that I have been wanting to.  I will be working with Dr. Islam Siddiqui at
our new organization. 

5. Wednesday – Thanks to 10 Million friends who have viewed my profile at Google.  https://plus.google.com/108969690090944956820/about 

6. Thursday – Dinner at Frank Islam’s incredible palace, it
was a fund raising dinner for Hillary Clinton.  Debbie and Frank Islam were incredible hosts –
beautiful palace, good people and great food.

7. Thursday – Evangelicals and Muslims held a Joint press
conference about standing up for each other –Bob Roberts and Imam Magid led the
conference and was attended by media and leaders from several Muslim
organizations including Adams Center, Isna, MPAC, Shoulder to Shoulder and
others. It was held in the Cannon Congressional building. 

8. Friday  – First day with a break – a
lot of walking – parking is difficult to get, so parked for two hours at a time
about half a mile away, and had to go back twice to move the car to another
location.  I hope to search for a place
to live. Presently I am living with my friend’s house.

After living in Dallas for nearly 35 years, finally I moved
to Washington DC. Dallas remains my home town.

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