Hinduism By Pavan Varma And Karan Thapar

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Incisive interview on Hinduism by Karan Thapar and Pavan Varma at

“In an interview to mark the publication of his new book ‘The Great Hindu Civilization’, Pavan Varma has launched one of the strongest criticisms of the BJP and RSS claiming: “The top BJP and RSS leadership … have been complicit and collusive in seriously eroding India’s commitment to pluralism, religious harmony, respect for all faiths, civilized dialogue and rule of law.”

“He says the BJP and RSS have “talibanized hinduism”. In the same interview Pavan Varma is also sharply critical of India’s elite who he says are both ignorant of and unconcerned about India’s great Hindu culture and civilization. He also sharply ‘attacks’ Amartya Sen and Romila Thapar on the grounds they do not accept that India’s great past is a product of its Hindu faith and, therefore, refuse to accept the term Hindu civilization.”

I have watched it twice and hope to watch it again to absorb the interview’s contents fully.

Pavan Varma has advanced good points for Indians, Indian Muslims, and Indian Hindus to reflect intensely. It is one of the most engaging interviews of Karan Thapar.

My friend, towards the end, Varma Saheb precisely addresses the Hindu Taliban (Hindutva) issue that you are unwilling to see.

Sharmaji, i- I am in tune with Varma Saheb. We need to appreciate our rich culture, wisdom, and philosophical heritage from the very beginning. We may have different faiths and beliefs, but we have the same lineage.

Verma failed to mention that Akbar had translated and transmitted much of our work (Vedas, Ramayana, music, and medicine) to the world. The Arabs also preserved and promoted our work in science and maths.

As a Muslim, I respect our heritage from Vedic times and what Bharat has given to us and the world.

Mike Ghouse

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