Hindu Minorities in Pakistan

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The following video is about the religious minorities in Pakistan, it has highlighted the Hindus and shared glimpse of Sikh and Christian life. I watched it with sadness, and felt their anguish. When the lady said, she is with the Swami Narayan Temple in Pakistan, my first thought was my sister Vina Dave and her raksha. 
The civility of a
nation and her people is reflected by how the minorities are treated.  The Hindus, Christian, Ahmadiyya,  and the Shias need
to feel safe, if not, it is a reflection on every Pakistani. The least you can
do is to speak up. When more of you speak up, it builds a momentum.

When you justify a crime against a people and look the other way,  be it in Pakistan, India, Israel,
America, Arabia or Russia, you have become an accessory to that crime yourselves. It’s like not calling 911 when you see a crime.

Shame on the arrogant majoritarian attitudes; where the minorities have to feel
insecure and frightened. Have you considered yourselves as an evil person? I am
talking about all nations including ours.

It is a shame that a few among us (people of all religions) chop God into bits
and pieces and claim ownership of it. I honor the full God, not the Muslim God,
not the Hindu God, and not the Christian God, but the wholesome God that belongs to
all of us. Think about this, do we allow God to be God of every one? Do we not
control him? Do we not use his shoulders to shoot our hate from?

No matter how you
worship, what you call that thing, loves us all without discrimination. The
fact that every human finds air to breath, water to drink and food to eat,
shows the greatness of God. I hope, as Muslims, Hindus, Christians and others,
we don’t mess with God and make a villain out of him and do the wrong things in
his name.

Please watch and
share this to reflect and not to condemn.

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