Hate in America towards Bollywood Actor SRK by Indians

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Narain Kataria and fellow Indians;
This note is not about SRK; it is about the hate expressed
towards fellow Indians in two of the notes in the link given below. 
Briefly, Sharukh Khan, as he is called SRK and the King of
Bollywood, is an Indian Actor who was detained in the New York Immigration for
90 Minutes, because of his Muslim name and it was the 2nd time
it has happened.

He was here to address the students at Yale University. Googling his name will
produce thousands of entries on this event. However, he had a great attitude,
he said, whenever my ego gets bloated, I go to America, they bring me down. I
am glad the Foreign Minister of India and the Embassy of India have taken this
up with the State Department.

As Americans, we should not allow any bigotry in our land, he should be treated
with respect, as he represents Billions of Indians. He can gather a Million
Indians in a hurry than any other Indian.  This incident has made a
“few” among the right-wing Indians happy and the notes below are
indicative of it.

SRK is more Indian than Narain, me or anyone
else, and he lives, serves and entertains Indians.  Narain is denigrating
a fellow Indian, and being disrespectful towards millions if not billions of
Indians who adore him.
I ask him, “Have you ever considered your statements to be
hateful? Wouldn’t it be dead wrong to say that Hinduism teaches one to be
hateful?  Show your note to any average moderate Indian or American; they
see the venom in it.  This is not the Hindu thing, or Indian thing, this
is you the individual.”
“You don’t need to be seething, just think about what you are
doing. Is this the right thing to do?”
I am sure that the 120 subscribers on this e-list are not extremists, a handful
may be, but the majority is not, they are good people who mind their own
business.  No one should judge a group by individuals, that amounts to
stereotyping and that is most dangerous thing one can do to a nation or a
We have to build a cohesive India, where we defend the rights of
every Indian.  Mr. Narain Kataria, I hope you start seeing an Indian as an
Indian, the bias stems from your mind, it is not a part of the majority of

The average Indian living in India would be appalled to read
your statements.
Mr. Kataria,  you are propagating hate against fellow
Indians….and probably increase their blood pressure and make them sick of
your rhetoric. Is this the right thing to do?
Until the myths or facts (to the other) are cleared up, where
both sides agree to the “agreed facts” ill-will continues. I don’t
know if you have a gain in this, leadership or financial, that is your
You and I have an opportunity to serve as guidance to create a
balance in a society based on agreed facts by all sides. No nation or
individual will live in comfort, when falsities circulate.
You had held a conference, about Islam and you did not invite Muslims
to the event. Was that to mis-educate the Hindus?  A true conference will
have all points of view. Isn’t this American way?
Make a list of all the things you believe, and let’s hold a
conference to put all the fabrications aside and honor India and the Indians
for being truthful. Truth is the only thing that triumphs; it will restore the
trust in the society. Let’s learn to live our religions, whatever they might
We need to work to mitigate the ill will, would you join me in
doing so?
Thank you Narain
Mike Ghouse is
committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on
issues of the day. He is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism,
politics, civic affairs, Islam, India, Israel, peace and justice. He is a frequent
guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, commentator on national radio network,
writes weekly at Dallas Morning News and bi monthly at Huffington post, The
Smirking Chimp and other periodicals. His daily blog is www.TheGhousediary.com

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