Happy Independence day to India and Pakistan

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President Obama will probably wish both the people a happy independence day  – Pakistani Americans on 14th and Indian Americans on the 15th, as an American I will do the same. Wish you all a very happy independence day. 

A day will come when every American, Indian, Pakistani and people from other nations will live without apprehension or fear of the other within their boundaries and with other nations. That is indeed true independence and freedom. 


17 years ago for 7
years, I had a Radio program in Dallas for the Desi (people of India, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka) people, and from August 1 through 15, every day
we talked about each nation; its culture, history, geography and the foods.

On August 14th, on my Radio show, Indians would sing Pakistani
National Songs and the Pakistanis would reciprocate by singing Indian
National songs on the 15th.

The Partition was
difficult and intense – with people moving from one land to the other and vice
versa, perhaps it was the greatest human migration in a single week ever. Of
course it came with massive suffering – people killing and butchering each
other on both sides. Unless we both people learn to acknowledge that the
suffering and infliction of misery was mutual, we will continue to harbor
ill-will and inject that in our kids. Some people live with hate and ill-will
until they die and never receive the true freedom.  I hope we all grow up and not carry this
forward and neither run the sewer of hate in our kids veins.
Again, I wish a very
happy independence day to both the Pakistani and Indian friends. As an Indian,
I will do my own celebrations, reflecting on what I can do to contribute
towards the wellbeing of my motherland: India.
Mike Ghouse

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and
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