HAPPY 2013; Commitment is the key to a successful life

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Whether you go into a relationship, marriage, worship, business, teaching,
service, or any adventure, your success in 2013 will be determined by the faith
you have, and your commitment to the venture. 

If you go in with an attitude of trying out, more than likely the following
will happen. A few things will go wrong, or hurdles will come up, and in
response you shake your head and say, “I knew it was not going to work out”.
What do you do then? Instead of making it work, you will be spending your energy
back peddling, and finding “reasons” to back out. Indeed, it is time to ask, “If
I fail myself, why should God and others give me a pass?” You have to have faith
and commitment to succeed. 
On the other hand, if you are committed, when a problem surfaces, your
attitude will be, “Well, I am Mario of the Game, these hurdles are a part of the
game to get to the end point, I am supposed to pass all these hurdles, knock the
monsters and overcome the difficulties to get to my point.” As you get beat up
on the path, but also beat the odds and cross the hurdles, you cheer, and say to
yourselves, a few more to go… the energy to succeed builds up to pass through
the rest of the hurdles to reach the end point and win. I have watched my kids
play Mario and have learned quite a bit.
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