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Our happiness is independent of what happens out there, indeed it is dependent on how we react to good, bad and ugly events. We can let external situations turn us upside down and tear us apart, or not give them the power to mess with us. No one can make me or you happy but ourselves, the responsibility is our own to be happy.Certainly Family and Friends are our catalysts!

Linda at 5:20pm July 9
I wish I could be that way. It’s very difficult – nearly impossible for me to enjoy life while others are suffering. I have never been able to detach myself that way.

Linda thanks for sharing your thoughts. Let me share a few examples of thinking differently;

i) A customer is unhappy about the service and makes the call – the receptionist gets the brunt. Second call is same – it affects the mood of the receptionist – now when the third call is answered – should the receptionist yell at the caller? Does the caller who has no idea what the receptionist is going through deserve that? What if the caller is calling to say good things? The idea is each relationship and person is different, as adults, we should not pass on the negative things, we have to stop with each person.

ii) Bill Clinton was elected to be the President, he had a job to do and he did it very well despite the humiliation and interrogation he had to go through daily – he did not carry the personal turmoil to his job as a president. That is an adult like attitude he took.

iii) When some one is suffering, we need to be a source of strength and hope for them. We cannot drain ourselves, when we do that we cannot do any good to any one. We cannot deplete ourselves as it drowns every one, we need to uplift others and in turn it uplifts us and gives us strenght.Mohsin, my growing up included thinking about everything . My Grandfather, always wanted us to go to funerals – he said, it will bring out a better person in you. I am glad we did follow his advice

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