Hannity, Horowitz and Ghouse on Radio

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October 24, 2012

David Horowitz and Mike Ghouse talk more about the attacks on Benghazi. “The President lied to the American people,” began Hannity, “The State Department watched these attacks in real-time and they had confirmation that this was a terrorist attack.”

“The President had no reason to lie,” countered Ghouse, “Somebody didn’t communicate with the President, the President has promised to go get the bad guys and he’ll do that.” “The President is the source of the lies,” disagreed Horowitz, “Part of his re-election narrative is that he’s defeated Al Qaeda and yet here they’re killing our embassy and killing our Ambassador.” 

“People are going to look back at this time in history as the rise of radical Islam,” finished Hannity, “This is a real clear and present danger that we have to recognize.” For more on today’s breaking news, click here.


Sean kicked off Wednesday’s show with the breaking news that President Obama very well may have been notified via email that the attacks in Benghazi were executed by a militant Islamic organization. “This is about lying to the families of dead Americans,” began Hannity, “This is about losing the first American ambassador we’ve lost in 30 years.” Hannity continued, “Reuters reports that the White House was notified within two hours that an Islamic extremist group has taken responsibility for this incident.” Hannity pressed the issue saying, “This is a huge game-changing story.” “The smoking gun in this story, the first of many, will be this report that the White House Situation Room received an update within hours of the attacks in Benghazi,” continued Hannity, “This adds to the questions about why the President still went on his trip to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.” “The American people were lied to,” concluded Hannity, “It’s impossible to believe that information made its way to the Situation Room and not to the President, he is either lying or we’ve seen such derelict of duty that Obama should consider resigning.” “We know the Obama camp is trying to just beat the clock until re-election,” concluded Hannity, “He’s trying to play us for fools.” You can listen to Sean’s reaction to this story, here.  

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