Gun Control and Fox News

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By Sam Madden

There are a number things that Fox News brings up that I agree on, but when it comes to Gun Control it is clear to me that they are pushing a false narrative onto the American people.

In two specific shows, (The Five and Tucker Carlson), I have contacted the news network on numerous things that have been stated. One was by Greg Gutfield of The Five alluding to the fact that the recent shooting in France shows that they are no better than us when it comes to controlling gun violence. In that show he argued over that point with another member of the panel and then stated The Five would address these types of statistics in their next show. I provided Fox News information including the following link, along with my full contact information.

I made sure I watched The Five the following day. Nothing was mentioned about these statistics at all, nor was this subject approached again in any way shape or form.

Tucker Carlson says he keeps getting frustrated that people he brings on his show can not answer his pointed questions. But when I send a number of emails and tweets to him and Fox News providing specifics, I am not contacted back for those specifics, nor are the specifics I relay to Fox News aired by any host of the specific shows in question.

So the only logical conclusion I can come to is that Fox News is pushing a false agenda onto the American people that nothing can be done. I also wouldn’t doubt if they were in the pocket of the NRA.

Look for further updates and specifics regarding Gun Control and Gun Violence here at the Center For Pluralism website.

Sam Madden is a board member for the Center For Pluralism. He can be reached at

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