Government Shut down – Ted Cruz and the Republican Villains of the Nation

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Yesterday, I asked if we have Republicans who have the balls to break ranks from GOP and speak up. I am glad, there are two in these United States of America; John McCain and Peter King. It assures me that GOP is not 100% loaded with a herd, who will do whatever is told them to do.

The American Public including the moderate Republicans like me, are waiting to punish these idiots in 2014, they need to get ready for the slaughter in the 2014 elections. Slaughtering them is not good for the country, but the Public needs to tell them that they are sheepish, and don’t give a crap about other Americans, and are not in connection with the the needs, wants and the sentiments of the American Public. They need to go, we need clean governance. 

time for Republican extremists to be punished in 2014.

A few random notes I made on facebook:


a nation, collectively we are insured. We are protected from external
attacks and for that we pay our armed forces, every American pays
through Sales Tax or Income Tax. After that insurance, we have mandated
auto insurance… and now we have mandated health insurance- this is the
for the benefit of all Americans, not just who can afford, but all who
want to be healthy and productive Citizens. We “give” billions in aid to
other nations, what is wrong even if it were an aid to fellow
Americans? Of course, health care is not charity, healthy Americans are
good for America and would contribute to the overall well being of the

Care will be appreciated by those average Americans whose loved ones
died or were not given much care due to affordability and pre-existing
conditions. The primary responsibility of the government is the safety
of her citizens, when it can count on productive contributing
citizens… Finally, we have a president who had the vision to care
about average Americans, Republicans have fought hard on every front =-
but their belligerency and fighting the to the end of their life is
insane. Obama care is the law.

are millions of Americans out there, whose life is precious – my fellow
Republicans would them rather die because they cannot afford or
pre-existing conditions would prevent them from care… yet they call
themselves pro-life, that does not square with.

I am a Republican and I don’t have to be a obedient follower of the
party to be a loyalist – I am a loyalist to the principles of the party
and not the rogue leadership our party is infested with.
Barry, thanks for the note.
not agree more with you – its a public forum, when we post for the
public to see. If it is a private item, we should communicate privately.

thanks for your note. I don’t think any one is questioning your
intelligence for you to defend it, I am your friend, and I will defend
you. But what they are questioning is the limited understanding of GOP
you have to push others to be excluded who differ with you. Neither you
own the party nor I. We see GOP from different lenses – I moan the
deviation from the principles, you seem to believe deviation is the

because the GOP is top heavy with Loonies does not make GOP looney – we
just have to speak up instead of becoming conformists for the sake of
letting it run the the rogues in our party. We have to speak up.. I
don’t see the need to leave the party because of them. I will stick
around and keep speaking…

Mike Ghouse
A Moderate Republican who cares about America above the stupidity of the party.

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