Google Mircale helps India Pakistan Langoti Yaars Reunion

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This is one of the simplest, shortest but powerful video, and I hope
you feel the emotions of happiness that come with a good ending of an epic or a movie.  

I must admit, I cried with joy!

A while back I saw another video where a Pakistani fighter pilot had
shot a passenger
plane that strayed into the war zone, he was not sure, but it was a
second decision and he regretted finding out later that it was a
passenger plane. He was
laden with guilt for a long time and wanted to apologize to the family,
included the Chief Minister of Gujarat then.  It finally happened after
two decades – it was like purifying oneself from the guilt and releasing
the other.
That is human, and purely human sentiment.   There were a few more I
have seen, but regret
not saving them. 

My first boss was Mr. Sunder Lal was from Lahore – and he was dreaming to
go to Lahore and meet his “langoti yaar” like the man in this video.  He would ask me to bring certain sweets from Karachi
Sweet Meat Stall in Bangalore and eat with me and share his stories…. his
sister was raped and killed in the mayhem, but he did not blame anyone but the

Zia Khan’s family, our famous photographer in Dallas left everything in UP and
moved to Peshawar – Dr. Akbar Ahmed experienced similar things and has written
a beautiful poetry book on the topic called “Suspended Somewhere Between,” and it was a joy for me to write the book review.   Shri. Davendra Maini Saheb was a young boy in
Lahore, and one of his family friends gave his family a ride to the train to
Delhi, all of them are beautiful nostalgic events.

Sunder Lal was right; you and I suffer because of these SOB politicians. These
rats should be punished from making hate speeches, or any speech that puts
down other Indians in our case, and Pakistanis in their case. We
have to do our share and knock out every damned politicians who spills hatred
for fellow Indians, Pakistanis or any one.

Partition was a very
unfortunate event – the Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims who were hurt and lost their
relatives hold bitter memories and some of them have shamelessly poisoned their
kids and their grand kids.  Parents should
pass on the good and not the bad, but unlike the US, India and Pakistan did not
set up rehab camps for the refugees to help them ease out of anger and the
subsequent ill-will. I hope at least our generation stops at this,  and chooses
not to poison the next generation.

A few Indians and Pakistanis of our generation (born around independence)
are soaked
in hatred for the other, what a shame! Every opportunity they get the
and propagate their hatred. They go to Hajj and Ganga, magar dil phir bhi
ganday ka ganda. What good are the meditative retreats and Hajjs if
your heart is not
don’t feed our children the food
that will give them ailments, but then why do we feed them thoughts
burdens them for life and hatred for the other. In Dallas we have our
own share of Indians and Pakistanis who need some psychotherapy to get them
out of their hatred.

wish we can share more of these, let the kindness and goodness overwhelm us and
wash away our ill-wills.  If I am loaded with malice, then I cannot ask
you to unload yours.  Even if our parents
have done it, we are responsible to clean our own heinie as we grow up.

If you liked the above video – and felt good about it, it is a mark of goodness that
we are created to be good beings. If this does not prompt goodwill, we have a
problem and not the others.

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