Goddess Saraswati and President Obama

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Goddess Saraswati and Obama Symbolize Relationship Between Indonesia and the U.S.

as an Indian American, I welcome this gesture by the Indonesian Embassy
and congratulate them. They have indeed honored India, my motherland by
honoring her Iconic figure; Goddess Saraswati. Bhupen Ganatra and Amol
Mukherjee, the Indian leaders in Dallas add, “That this is great gift of
highest level… awesome gesture by Indonesia expressing the best of
religious harmony and importance of education by a Muslim nation
offering a statue of Hindu Goddess to a mostly Christian nation. For
this, Indonesia should be recognized by all nations… all religions.”

Devi Saraswathi, an icon of learning and Obama at her feet.

an Indian American Muslim, I am proud of Indonesia for following the
principles taught by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that each one of us is
responsible for the well being of our neighbors, communities, nations
and our world. We all came from a single couple and are made into
different tribes, communities and nations and the best ones among us,
God says in Quran are the ones who learn, understand and respect the
others. Dr. Akbar Ahmed, who heads the ibn-Khaldun chair at the
American University and a leading Muslim in America adds, “These
symbolic gestures build upon each other in building peaceful societies.”

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