God fearing or God caring

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The phrase God-fearing has come to mean fearing God. Why do you want to be afraid of God, he is not a devil, criminal or a villain who is hell bent on punishing us at the drop of the hat.  What it really means is – fearing our own weaknesses, fearing doing things that will hurt others and harm others, and in-turn saps our positive energy with guilt, conscious or subconscious.

God loves us all without conditions; after all, we are his creation, or a product of his system. However the idea of rewards, grace and punishment is human and is necessary to build cohesive society and faithfully guard the safety of every fellow human.  All of us want a fair, just and a caring society.

God Caring may be a better phrase.

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This was in response to my friend Mary Ann Thompson’s note:
“I get tired of people saying so and so is a ‘God-Fearing’ person, like that’s a good thing. Personally, I don’t fear God. Nor do I want to.  I’m in love with God.”

So no, I am not a ‘God-Fearing’ person. I am a ‘God-Loving’ person, and I respect Creator with a heart that is sublimely in Love, not one out of forced respect based on fear.  We often talk about Creator as father, as mother, but Creator is also our first and final Love.

Embrace Creator, however you define Spirit, and your heart will feel the deepest joy in the communion.”

Mike Ghouse

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