God bless the refugees

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It is shameful to assume that refugees are at our mercy, that they are bad people, that they are beggars and that we can say anything uncouth about them.

No one likes violence and neither the refugees. Most of them had a good life and the war has uprooted them, the dumb war they did not ask for. They are fighting for survival and not begging, they have nowhere to go but in to the sea or endure abuse from arrogant men and women. Have you ever been on the receiving end?

Had we not terrorized and mess up lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, none of this would h, ,

ave happened. It is very humiliating to ‘ask’ for food and place to sleep. Please be kind to them, all of us are susceptible to it. Look what the people in WV are going through now; each one of us could be a refugee or go through down time in life.

We need to be gentle and kind to the ones in difficulty. May God bring dignity to each one of them! May God give us sense to respect their plight and get us to do something, at least send a few dollars to help them out.

Mike Ghouse
Center for Pluralism

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