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Mike Ghouse/ Today at 4:15pm

When life and matter came into existence (Ok God created), it was intentionally diverse, it is the way nature keeps its balance. That is the model we have to follow; diverse opinions and thoughts and accept the unqiuness of each one. Look at the zillions of stars.. they all co-exist without invading other’s space, that is our model.


Reply Dear Barry, i woke suddenly up and entered facebook as the feelings here still are very tense.

Are you aware Bc-Barry that our friend George have to read these accuses from you ? Please dear friend, stop talk over someones head dear Bc-Barry !

Secondly.. I am not avoiding conflicts .. have a background luggage, and raised up 4 children (and a husband, for almost 33 years :-))) and am very much involved in children’s and family issues in general, in the Swedish society… Lets focus on humanity, and not so much on politics and bad history .. I´ll be back tomorrow ..I will be dreaming of all those stars, as I can see outside the window, together with a most beautiful winter landscape covered in heavy snow, beautifully in rest and peace, everywhere and as far the eyes can reach .. Zzzzzz

Mike Ghouse, Today at 5:44pm
Barry, my friend.

I have higher regards for your sensible comments that you have made over the time I have known you. I am not defending George, but defending his right to express an opinion, in this world, not the whole things comes as truth, there will always be some fluff in it. He is sharing his view, learn about him and see where he is wrong from your point of view, see where the barrier is and break it. I know barry you are above entanglement. you can do it man, just do it.

On my part, I take all criticism of Muslims, Islam… and state my point of view without getting offended. We have to initially accept another point of view, even if it is bitter. Once we have a relationship, we can then have them see another point of view.

Le’ts be friends with George, because he is different and not like you or I. Best to you my friend Barry.



Reply Hello Mike, you are right to say: “Look at the zillions of stars.. they all co-exist without invading other’s space, that is our model”..

I’m not a star, just a simple inhabitant of a little planet as a satellite of 1 star (our sun).. and an other inhabitant of this planet excludes me with such contempt & hate just because i show historical events..

Ok, Vanja, you know me since very long time for my struggle for universal human rights, against oppression of men by men, injustices, .. during more than 55 years.. against colonialism & imperialism.. But fortunately nor French colonialism nor US imperialism had intention to wipe out our population from land of our ancestors to replace them by French or US pure race taking their lands.. They just were happy to be here as our masters, until day (150 years after) when we throw them out by military victory.. More over, French taught us their brilliant civilizations, so we were able to be more intelligent..

I let you see insults of people that i just reply not by contempt, but with love.. Jesus told us to love even our best enemy.. and this person is not my enemy (even if he considers me as “the Knave of Spades” and other viper, ignorant, lack of understanding…), so a fortiori, I must reply to his insults and contempt by love and forgiveness as taught me my Mentor Jesus of Nazareth killed by Israel…

In any case, zillions of stars can co-exist, why not 2 simple individuals..


Reply Good man Mike .. sage advice. And I am certainly taking no sides here ..

Mike Ghouse/ Today at 6:32pm

George, thanks my friend… may I add a simple thought?

A peace maker is one whose words and actions mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill; and you are one.

You may have to resist the temptations to aggravate the conflict between you and Barry.. and the same goes to Barry. Both of you are my friends. Next time around, please hold your temptation to add the word Israel….after Jesus.

Nations don’t kill, Religions don’t kill – individuals do. Look at our nation -from 2000- 2012, you have two different nations or two different individuals running the nations? It will be two different outcomes. Israel is no different, it is a good nation, at time run by wrong leaders and at times good ones, like Begin.

Let’s focus on the topic and not get on each other’s throats. You two have the talent that you may want to spend on finding solutions.

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