Friends so many

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It is an honor for each one of us to be friends with so many,
a random interaction with some and frequent with so many;The wall is a great tool to express what we do in a few words,
Then the note is a great option to read in words so many;

We learn that not every thing dear to us is dear to others,
we accept our limits and not subscribe to causes so many;

Each friend adds and awakens a new dimension of life per Rita
I thank the Facebook, with each one we are born so many;

I hope the joy remains the same if you accept or decline my cause,
I wish we can limit our time on face book and not ignore so many;

Whether we communicate or not on time, our friend Bala says,
we appreciate you, your wish has touched us, in thoughts so many;

If we read or not what you write, should not hurt your feelings
we realize you have too many friends you simply cant read so many;

Friendship is all about sharing and accomodating everyone,
with ease and comfort, we relax and relate with so many.

We assure lonely souls like Ranjan, by God you have a family,
In deeds, in thoughts, in sharing and ways so many;

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