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Each one of us can spread the beauty of living a bias free life.

Just wanted to share the biggest lesson my Dad taught me was to be free from Prejudice. In a time when caste system (India in 50’s and 60’s) was prevalent, where the “untouchables” were not allowed in homes… My mom made tea and we shared the tea in the same cups and ate the food in the same plates inside our homes. We sat on the same mat (floor covering).

No one was ever looked down by my parents. And whenever there were clashes between the communities over silly things…they pointed to the individuals causing it and offered an alternative that could prevent a repeat, but they never blamed a group. … Read More

I am greatful to them for freeing me from bias and thank God, my kids are free from it and they are on a similar mission.

We have a lot of work to do to free the society from bias and prejudices. We have come a long way, and far more to go.

Martin Luther King liberated us from a huge burden of racial bias, and now we need movies and forums to raise awareness of the very basic American value ; Life and respect for others life. The murder of Abortion Doctor was a shame… We need to rope in our religious leaders to bring about a gradual and sustainable change…. Read More

We have to learn to Live and Let live and accept the otherness of other, and as individuals we need to continue to stoke the american values of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Treatment of any human being with less than full dignity shrinks the spirit of goodness within each one of us, the way the African Americans were treated “whites only” was a moral drain on the psyche of the society. MLK lifted that burden off us by taking a courageous stand against what it appeared to be the norm of the society, that others didn’t dare to speak out. The singular goal he pursued was worth living and he gave his life for it. I express my gratitude to him for liberating us from such in-human and ir-religious attitudes.

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