Foreign Policy – General Sisi is dangerous to Egypt's future; United States has to play its humanitarian role.

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General Sisi has gone over the edge, and has issued a death warrant to 529 men who belong to the Brotherhood. This will begin a spiraling of violence ruining Egypt for years to come. As a Humanitarian, pluralist and a Muslim I condemn this, and urge the President of the United States to talk to Sisi and stop this non-sense. Those men belong in a prison, and most of them are habitable to normal life. It is easy to kill, and any idiot can do that if they have a gun, the wise thing is to end extremism, and not kill people. 

Sadly these bullies (in all religions with no exception) do not follow the very religion they claim to follow. Killing one person is like killing the whole humanity, there is wisdom in it – religion is about building cohesive societies where we all can live without fear of the other. 

Think about this. 

Everything on the earth is created with harmony and balance. Look at the stars, planets and the universe – everything is functioning precisely and in balance. Look at our own body, it functions well and in balance if we eat right – disturb that balance, everything goes wrong.

Injustice (taking advantage of, oppression, suppression, sidelining, cheating, robbing…..) is the only thing that messes that balance, once things are off balance they deteriorate faster unless checked.

Over the last three years, I have argued about the Brotherhood, and I do not like their ideology, and have almost called them a terrorist organization.  They want to impose strangulating form of Sharia on Egyptians – violating the very basics of Islam – there is no compulsion in religion, and no one is responsible for other’s acts, Quran is absolutely clear on that. God will not place any one’s burden on others.  The kind of Sharia that compels others to obey, the kind of Sharia that is unjust is Un-Islamic. More of us need to speak out. 

Sean Hannity (Fox News) was wrong and I was right in believing that Brotherhood will not gain power and will lose out because of the extremist ideology they were following. 
The short-sighted men and women in the US, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel would like to get the Brotherhood people killed, they do not know the mess it will make, they are revenge seekers and not the seekers of justice, balance and harmony in a society. 

Sisi wants to murder 529 men in broad day light. The bullies in power can do that, but that will mess up Egypt for years to come… he cannot kill the ideology by suppression, it will flare up even more. There is history to contend with; when King Farooq, Gen Nasser and President Sadat pushed them, and each time they crushed the Brotherhood, they grew in numbers. 

You can only change people through effective education. Violence breeds violence, and it is human to dig in their heels when pushed to the corner. 

I intend to write a full article on the topic and appeal to the dictators in Egypt to follow Islam. God is merciful, Prophet is a mercy to mankind… and if they are followers of Islam, they need to be merciful. 

Mike Ghouse committed to cohesive societies.

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