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Appeal for Justice to Pakistani Asia Bibi and Mercy to mankind
            The following note is in response to the comments floating on the internet in the last few hours.  Please read some of the comments an amazing mind-set is in the works.
As people of faith, also should be known as peace makers, we cannot cause people in conflict to dig in their heels and take positions, we have to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill for the ultimate good of all. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) applied that method in many of his examples.  I hope you understand the avoidance of such language in the petition.   
Three (of the thousands on my list) individuals wrote, “It is too much. You are really becoming a problem for Ummah. Why are you aggravating the situation? Do you know what are you are going to lose – your both the worlds perhaps?” Another one writes, “Islamically, insults and abuses against the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, count as acts of war and rebellion against a justly created Islamic entity. The Qur’an commands terrible punishment for such acts of war. “Finally, the third one writes, “Salman was a shame on Islam”.
Those were the right wingers among Muslims, a minuscule, statistically insignificant number of people but can become players by shining the media light on them. These guys are fodder for the other right wingers;  among Republicans and the Fox people. The left on the other hand shouts that we have to declare a war on right wingers. Mahatma Gandhi had aptly said an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.
Prophet Muhammad’s wisdom comes as guiding light; follow the middle path. Every one has a God given space, if we can learn to respect that, conflicts fade and solutions emerge. Keeping that in mind, we have crafted the appeal with a clear goal of finding solutions, which is a deep desire in all parties.
As moderates we are an overwhelming majority, we can express our support to the middle path and ask the extremists to study the prophet and spread goodness in his name and not oppression.
Please sign the Appeal for Justice to Asia Bibi and Mercy to mankind in Pakistan that is if you agree with the content:
Mike Ghouse

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