Final Presidential debate in Boca Raton

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Romney did not lose the debate, but Obama gained the points with
independent voters.
I watched the debate at
Angelica Theater in Dallas and it was hilarious, as the public was making comments
while booing cheering and jeering, it was a lively debate. The first big laugh came when Romney said he believed in gender equality, rights for women overseas…
Every one of the debate was a shocker, Obama slept through the
first one and in the 2nd and final one, Romney was going through
different avatars of the chameleon, he took new positions today. Romney really
did not have anything new to add, except agreeing with the president.
Obama used some of the words and concepts, I have written in my foreign
policy article at Huffington post today, glad it was published before he spoke.
It’s happened many times before, he nearly speaks in similar tones as I do, the
reason I say that is I pre-empt his speeches.
Please do read my piece on foreign policy at
Huffington post, “The choice between Chaotic Romney and Stable Obama.”
I wish Obama had said this, “Governor Romney, I am glad you
support my foreign policy, thank you, you don’t need to run, I will continue
with the good policies that you have been so generous to endorse.”
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