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The reason I wrote this note is to encourage you to serve fellow humans who need a shoulder to cry, an ear to listen, and a heart to feel their anguish on this Father’s Day. Every one of us has the desire to be acknowledged and want to care for fellow humans. This morning God listened to me and made me an instrument of peace to 3 individuals who seem to be in insurmountable grief. It was their Father, who was not there for them. Hearing them intently, feeling empathy, and connecting with them, brings relief not only to them, but it brings a sense of meaning to my own life. You can earn such blessings.

If you lend an ear to the ones who are enduring pain, you will also receive good energy. Blessed are the peacemakers, indeed

For the last 25 years, on every Father’s day, I have written an article. In the l paragraph, I say this, “To those who have not had a father or had a negative experience, God has offered guidance through the instrument of forgiveness to release you from the pain. Just do it. I will be happy to be a big brother or even a father figure at the moment of your need. It’s an open offer to call me at (214) 325-1916, let’s keep it to 5 minutes. I feel good about giving a shoulder to someone in need. https://theghousediary.com/happy-fathers-day-2020/

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