Fanatic Muslims?

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It is my responsibility as an individual to respond to a question about Fanatic Muslims and I have done this to the best of my ability. 
As a civilized society, the first thing we need to come to grips with is avoid stereotyping any one.  Baptists are intolerant, Muslims are fanatics, Evangelicals are bullies, Jews control America, Atheists do not have morals… and someone said, don’t trust Texans, they are war mongers; Johnsons and Bush were, so will be Perry! So, as a Texan, I am slapped with a label of war monger too.

Fanaticism is not a healthy thing in any society Muslims or otherwise, countering fanaticism with equal fanaticism makes it worse for all, makes both sides guilty of thoughtlessness. They dig in their heels with no solutions on the horizons.
This January (2012), the Rabbis in Israel are spitting on women who are not covering their hair and forcing women to sit in the back of the bus and don’t want women to pray with them… the report was predicting they will make up about 10% of Israeli population by 2025. This ironically is the spitting image of Muslims.  Are all Jews fanatic? Are all Muslims fanatic? Are all Baptists fanatics (Two of the thousands of Baptist ministers have called Jews, Muslims, Mormons and Hindus cults – are they?)

A few fanatics (not Muslims) wanted to ban circumcision in San Francisco and Santa Monica – it was on their ballet to criminalize the act to make the Jewish life difficult.  Check this out –

Herman Cain would not hire a Muslim; Gingrich will want Muslims to go through checks… Jews and Catholics have been there.
We cannot stereotype any one.  
You may not like this, and I hope you do. I am committed to do my share of work in mitigating stereotyping people, any people anywhere.

Chicago reported 34, 195 crimes; and 1,349 incidents of criminal sexual assaults in 2010. Dallas Killed 148 Persons. Is it fair to say to single women heading to Chicago that don’t go there, the Chicagoans are rapists, they raped 1349 women just the last year… or don’t go to bloody Dallas, they are murderers, they killed 148 people, you will be the next… Isn’t this stereotyping? Same thing is thrown about Muslims as fanatics. Indeed they are as fanatic as Christians, Jews, Hindus and others. Thanks to Google, check the stats out there.

Can you talk to the Rabbis spitting on a 9 year old, a Hindu priest raping a girl, a Catholic Bishop abusing a boy,  a Muslim thrashing his 9 year old girl for not wearing Hijab… ? 
It behooves for all of us together to find solutions and not bury people in their positions. For every 1% of fanatic Muslims, there is 1% of fanatic Jews, Christians, Hindus and others. It is our problem not Jews’ Muslim’s or Christians.  I will write a full piece on this and I beg the readers to resist the temptation to stereotype any one. is being created to find solutions.
Mike Ghouse is committed to building a cohesive America, where no Americans has to live in apprehension or fear of the other. He is a speaker, thinker and a writer and offers pluralistic solutions on current issues. His work is listed at

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