False Narration of Islam on Israeli Bus

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This article was first Published on June 16, 2019 at – : https://centerforpluralism.com/false-narration-on-israeli-bus/

Please note that at the Pluralism Center, we will rectify false information about any faith with no exception. In this piece, we rectified the misinformation about Islam.

I just read the “Birthright Trips to Israel” in the New York Times. I will be happy to add to their curriculum how to bring security to Israel and justice to the Palestinians; one will not happen without the other.  The politicians have screwed people on both sides. I hope the next person they elect would be based on their promise and action plan to bring long term security to both the people, for you cannot live on like this, producing abnormal humans on both sides loaded with ill-will coupled with dehumanizing each other.

Here is an abstract from my book, the American Muslim Agenda available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other booksellers.

“I am taking you on a bus trip to Jerusalem. There were forty of us, most Americans and a few Europeans on a Middle East peace initiative by the Universal Peace Foundation of Reverend Moon.

Mike Ghouse, Dutch Imams and Mufti of Jerusalem
The Bus tour Guide in Jerusalem
by the Golden Dome Mosque (It was under repair then)

As the bus started moving, the tour guide came on the public address and said, “Today I am going to share about Islam. Islam has six pillars, and they are Jihad, (She said Jihad means killing Jews and Christians) I let her finish the long spill then got up and said, “I am a Muslim, and there are only five pillars in Islam, and Jihad is not one of them. Can I explain that to my fellow passengers?” There was a dead pause for a few seconds, and it appeared like an eternity.

The passengers were my teammates, and in unison, they shouted, “Let him.” Of course, I explained, and the two Dutch Imams (Picture) also joined me. She protested, but we insisted that we are Muslims and we knew the faith and produced her a printout upon return to the hotel. She promised to pass it on to the tourism ministry as they were the ones who approved the script. Islam is deliberately misrepresented in Israel; of course, the Palestinians do the same. As responsible members of society, we have to work on learning about one another as we are—the good, bad, and ugly among us.”

Damned politicians poison their tourists – When the tourist have to interact and work with the very people, they were told bad things about – they are screwed, they are tense when working with “them” and anxious when they carry this burden to their homes. Neither family is happy, nor the workplace is getting dedicated workers as they are consumed with ill-will.  Duncan Southall, writes, “The unfounded beliefs are usually associated with a phenomenon known as ethnocentrism, a belief that one’s own culture is superior to all others, past or present.”

I am passing a copy of this book to the Israeli Embassy and the Ministry of Tourism in Israel to get their act together.  If they want security for Israel, which the Jewish people wish to, let them not teach hatred and falsities and make it difficult for the Israelis or the tourists to interact with the Palestinians. In the long haul, both people have to learn to live with each other, and you cannot believe in your might and do whatever is needed to win short-term political victories. Think long-term and plan long term – the goal should be the security of all people; if there is injustice, the law of Karma operates and delays good life for the Israeli citizens.

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Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, and author. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.  More at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeghouse/ 

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