Dreams; do you have dreams like this?

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I just woke up from a dream, panting and breathing heavily on my chair. I was up at 5:00 (went to sleep at 2:00 last night) this morning and started writing a few articles… and was fighting from dosing off…. Then microwaved my oatmeal cereal, and I could not resist adding instant coffee into it. Yeeow, it was bad, bad taste. Normally I would finish the food I make on experimental basis, but I could not eat this one. I had to abandon it. Then dosed off on the chair while typing a letter.. and go into the dream.

I was speaking in some place in New Zealand, on building cohesive societies and had to return home – and I was in a government managed travel office to get my visa stamped out and I could not find my passport, so I go out to find my car and I cannot find it. The next thing is I am searching for my car…

I push my feet (like giving gas in a car to take off) and I rise up in the air, straight up, feel incredibly light and when I reach 10 feet or 5 feet depending on the object I was to go over, I go forward or back ward with ease. It was all involuntarily and at will. What is different in this dream is, in the past, all through my life, I would stand on the ground and lean forward and take off, like the superman ( by the way, been in seeing this dream much before I know about Superman) this time it was like the Harriet jet, lifting off straight up.

The next thing I know is, I am driving my SUV and had to make a left U-Turn, and I could not, as my foot was unable to lift itself and place it on the brake pad, so I go straight, and somehow managed to reverse… and I can see another car on the street in my rear view… and I simply cannot get my foot on the break pad… and before I could hit the car in the back, I woke up panting… This particular scene, not being able to break and waking up is a recurring dream.

Paul Goldstein you had mentioned dreams about flying… have you had anything like this?

Tahir Naeem  you had the exact same dream as well.

Mike Ghouse, Sunday writings.

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