Does Trump have a Deal with China?

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Trump’s destructive policies will challenge China to build military equipment and the Airplanes, undermining American advantage in the defense industry.

He may have a deal with China to pass on American hegemony to China. If he is re-elected, the Headquarters for manufacturing fighter jets, defense products, warships, and Missiles will become China’s domain. If it is so, Americans are screwed. Does he care? Hell no, you are just a useful idiot in voting for him.

If he threatens other nations, they have no option but to go into the Chinese ambit. India will not be a good ally at this time, its social fabric is torn apart and will further deteriorate. However, like all good things, good governance will return after the 2024 elections in India.

Trump is dangerous to the United State economy, everyone working in the defense, weapons manufacturing, and aerospace industry will be losing jobs leading to divorces and foreclosures and putting them on welfare programs. It happened with Bush’s bad decisions.

Save America, don’t vote for Trump

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