Do you care, do you speak out?

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Do you believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbukum – that the whole world is one family- that we all originated from a single couple spread out into different races, nations, and communities? By extension, religions? Do you care for fellow humans?

Do you speak out when bad guys insult other people’s religions? Do you know if you don’t speak out, the bad guys will continue to poison others? Edmund Burke, MLK, Gandhi, and others have said, “evil exists not because of evil people, but, but because the good people do nothing about it.

Innocent Hindus buy the battle cry by a few charlatans that Hinduism is in danger. I feel sorry for them to buy into the propaganda. Hinduism is 5000 years and does not need fake saviors; it’s an eternal Dharma. It will continue forever.

The charlatans instill the fear that the Muslim population is increasing, and the Hindu population is decreasing. In 1947 there were 300 million Hindus, and now we have 1,111 million Hindus tripling in 75 years. Whereas 92 million Muslims were in 1947, and now we have 196 million, they have just doubled and not tripled. Hindus have always been over 80% of India’s population, while Muslims have remained steady around 14%. The average Hindu, Sikh, Christian, or Hindu family had over seven kids in their home, and it’s down to 2 or 3 now. Your own family may have had large numbers once. You have to bust the myths the foul men spread for the sake of a cohesive India, where all of us can live in harmony.

Now, I urge every Indian to speak out against nonsense spewed about other Indians. We need to build a cohesive india and not a divisive one.

Before I ask you, I have walked the talk.

Each one must boldly speak out against hateful messages against Hindus or Muslims. I’m doing my part, everywhere I go, I speak out against ill-will spewed against any religion. I even spoke about Hinduphobia in a Passover Seder. Of course, it will cost me a few friends.

I believe the righteousness will prevail, and a Krishna will emerge among us to restore trust and truth.
Satyameva Jayate.

Thank you,
Mike Ghouse

Dr. Mike Ghouse is the founder and president of the Center for Pluralism.  He is a speaker, thinker, author, consultant, pluralist, activist, newsmaker, and an interfaith wedding officiant.  He is deeply committed to Religious Freedom, Human Rights, and Pluralism in Religion, Politics, Societies, and the workplace, and to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions to the media and the policymakers.  Book information is at and his info at 

Mike frequently speaks to a full range of audiences in international, faith and interfaith, civic, educational, and community life.  He would welcome the opportunity to speak to you and your communities, as well as to invite you to events and programs that he and the Center for Pluralism offer.  He also welcomes your thoughts, comments, and inquiries.  

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