Do I want Romney to be my President? Hell No!

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I am a Republican and I want the best for America, just as a Democrat or any American want. Candidate Romney has crossed the lines of decency by calling fellow Americans as free loaders. There is a pattern with him and may be he can repent and come back in 2016. He has made too many mistakes to support him. I place America first and do what is good for every American and that is the right thing to do.

I am usually tempered; I’ll come loose now with the new Romney video. He does
not even want to ask nearly half of the Americans to vote for him? He said he
does not count on 47% of those Americans; do I want him to be my president? Hell
no, he is president for his own buddies and not for Americans.
Those investors listening to this divisive talk
will write big checks, with a clear intention of doubling on their return on the
investment. You buy Romney now; he will offer tax cuts should he become
president of the United States. Romney is smart and they are too… but who gets
screwed? It is you and I who cannot buy him with big checks.
Romney will sell America. The man is
secretive on taxes, money in Swiss banks, and now scheming and carrying on
secretive conversations. Should we trust secretive presidents?

Romney is itching to go to wars to please his buddies who gain from it, and who
would lose?  When was the last time CIA
or Mossad were right in providing truthful information about wars? Haven’t they
been wrong since 1979? The guys with vested interest have their own safe
heavens, but the loser is the average American with loss of jobs.
Wars will make us weaker, it will ruin our
economy. It will keep Israel eternally insecure, and we will live with guilt
for the Injustice meted out to the Palestinians. Netanyahu does not represent
the will of Jewish people, be it in the US or Israel. None of these guys care
about America or Israel except their own well being. He will go to war with
Iran to appease and enrich his buddies.
Which Romney?
Romney is an appeaser, and will say different
things at different times to different people. Which Romney would you be voting
for, if you did? The one who wants to curb the liberties of women and
gay/lesbian communities? Is it the one who says that government should be off
the back of the women? Is it the one who claims to believe in the constitution
but meddling with religion of others?

Obama will win these elections hands down.

I’m a Republican and am embarrassed and outraged with our leadership, (and
never the party). In the next cycle I’ll be involved with the party and
persistently scream and make an effort to straighten them out.

America first!

need checks and balance with no party having overwhelming majorities. I’ll do
my share of finding the solution to decency and dignity in governance. We the
Republicans need to save the party leadership from extremists, lunatics and
secretive guys and we need to learn to place America first and not the party.
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