Dilip Kumar, the greatest Bollywood Actor

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Dilip Kumar is a legend in the Indian film industry, known as the first Method actor and is frequently compared to Marlon Brando, another Method actor. He was also called Tragedy King and an actor who perfect comedy acting in the film, Ram aur Shyam.

Dilip Kumar Special

A Conversation about Dilip Kumar. Yes, if you like to share a few anecdotes, please do, it’s a Shradhanjali /Khiraj-e-Aqheedat. Dilip Kumar film songs will sung by our friends;Vidya Sagar, Rizwan Shaikh, Sunder Naidu, Neela Naidu, Himanshu Chaudhary, Rama Sharma and friends.

Saturday Night, July 10, 2021, 8-9:30 PM EST
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Being the first super star in the post-Independent India, he set the standards for acting, that every new actor learns in acting schools. Dilip’s acting is considered perfect, and it became the standard in acting.

He was my favorite actor, loved by over a billion people across the globe. Here, I will focus on his humanitarian side.

I was privileged to accompany him in Dallas and have a few stories to share.

He came along with the Prime Minister of India VP Singh and other dignitaries to address the conference by AFMI, I.e., American Federation of Muslims from India.

I was given the responsibility to manage visitors with him.

Two of his many interaction are memorable. One was with Raju Sharma, a student in acting, and the other was with Saira Banu when they checked into the hotel.

Raju came, touched Dilip’s feet, an Indian tradition to show respect, and sat on the floor. Raju mentioned that he was learning acting, at that moment, Dilip stood up and asked Raju to sit next to him and said, now we’re equals. We were all taken back with that gesture of humility. I’ll have a video clip from Kundan Sharma, father of Raju, whom I consider my elder brother.

Taj Muhammad and I had great conversations with Dilip and Saira driving them from the airport. One piece of the conversation was their visit to bangalore, and witnessing milk dripping out of the statue of Ganesha, an icon of God in the Hindu tradition who removes obstacles for the devotee and it was a big story at that time. Both, Dilip and Saira were amazed with it. I’ll have to write the full story from my notes.

When we walked into their Hotel room in Richardson Texas on Campbell road, Saira surprised me – she started checking the pillows and didn’t like it, and the room was not the presidential suite either, which they should been placed. She turned to me and said, she did not want to stay in this room and find another one. I panicked and frantically started calling Akram Syed, my friend and the chief organizer.

Dilip patted on my shoulders to talk with him. He said, “Mike Saab, who’s the beneficiary of the conference?” I said, the poor and disadvantaged students in India. He turned to Saira and said, let’s stay here, the savings from staying here are benefitting the poor children in our country. Saira, threw her hands and said ok. They stayed there.

What a great gesture! what an expression of humility he displayed. Most other actors far less popular than him would have insisted a presidential suite. I couldn’t thank the couple enough.

Please share your comments, I will select some and include them in my tribute to Dilip Kumar, I am planning to write.

Mike Ghouse


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