Devastating Floods in Kashmir

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Mike Ghouse

Kashmiri’s around the world have been hankering for any communications for the whereabouts of their loved ones. My friends Shamim, Sharat, Romana, Nyla, Muzaffar, Virendra and all others have been lucky to have traced their families back home. Romana said a flood of such magnitude was last recorded several centuries ago.

Appeal from the people of Kashmir

I am writing about a humanitarian crisis. Kashmir was hit recently by massive floods. Water has been flowing through densely populated cities, rising up to 27 feet and destroying everything in its path, including homes, hospitals, and emergency centers.

More than 700,000 people have become instantaneously homeless, with hundreds dead and thousands still unaccounted for.

This unprecedented humanitarian crisis needs our help. I have identified a trustworthy, charitable organization that is working very hard to save lives and provide relief. It is my humble request that you donate generously to aid in the rescue, relief, and recovery of the people of Kashmir.

Shamim Sadiq wrote, Floods need to be overcome. Mud and silt needs to be cleaned. Roads need to be repaired. Homes need to be rebuilt. Despair needs to be overcome. Hope needs to be rebuilt. Faith needs to be hung on to. Evil needs to be destroyed. Help needs to be selfless. Avenues need to be opened. Channels need to be created. Sincerity needs to be encouraged. Love needs to prevail.

Oh so much work to do. Oh where do we start. Of Course with intention. Followed by action. persistence. Perseverance. Dedication. Optimism. See where road takes us. We are not in it alone. We need your help.

You, do we have your support? We need your intention to start with. Humanity has to prevail.
Help us restore this broken chain. One brick at a time. One meal at a time . One medicine at a time. One penny at a time. One boat at a time. One pump at a time. One volunteer at a time. One missionary at a time. One doctor at a time. One selfless person at a time. One organization at a time. Please help us remove the self created worldly barrier and limitations, and rescue people who need us one person at a time.

Our brothers and sisters are suffering. Whether Muslims , Hindus , Christian or Sikhs. Resources are limited. Avenues and channels are tiny, and compartmentalized. Please widen those channels and resources.

Please, the flood survivors in need of things for survival. Help a mother save her kid from dying due to a water born disease. Help an elderly man restore his broken home, the house he lived all his life. Help a passionate person whose shop got destroyed. Help an elderly woman who is left alone in her house. Help a pregnant woman overcome her trauma of giving birth to still child. The list goes on and on. It is my request to you fellow humans around the world.

Please help create a chain so that selfless help from Ecuador benefits someone in Lal Bazar. Someone praying in Tanzania saves a person from getting drowned in Rajbag. A child promoting a fundraiser in Uganda helps save the broken home of a handicapped man in Sopore. I am requesting my brothers and sisters around the world to look at this tragedy as an opportunity to connect the chains we seems to have broken along the course of our life.

We all belong to one earth. We are all small pieces of big puzzle. We either choose to disrupt it or help restore the big picture by adding our piece of the puzzle. In the end it will create a beautiful symbiotic picture that no one can destroy. That piece of puzzle lies in your and mine.

I request you to please make that effort and help change this disaster into a blessing. This will help bring the whole world together again ‘As We are one !’ Peace.

CLICK HERE to Donate now.Your donation will be fully tax-deductible and the Tax ID is listed on the website.
Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism at work place, politics, religion, society, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, food and foreign policy. All about him is listed in several links at and his writings are and 10 other blogs. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

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