Defending Prophet Muhammad

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A few miscreants among Muslims could not bear a derogatory posting about Prophet Muhammad and created a mess in Bengaluru. Was it needed?

Someone had said, Muslims will put with any insults about anything, but they cannot handle criticism of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

If Muslims really believe (not rhetoric) that Prophet Muhammad is a Rahmat for the Universe, then we have to accept that he is a prophet for the whole of humanity. Isn’t he?

He does not need anyone to defend him, he was there, and he will be there forever, and his message will always be appreciated. He bore criticism, insults, and threats to his life – but he prayed for them instead (Taif example). He is not going to disappear by comments or criticism. Have faith in his message of peace and non-violence and practice it.

Muslims have shamelessly failed in presenting the Prophet as a mercy to humanity. When an idiot draws an ugly painting of him, a cartoon or calls him names, we should follow his sunnah (example) in responding to them – to pray for them instead of becoming violent as they did in Bengaluru. 

Our violence confirms to the miscreants that the prophet teaches Muslims to be a Zulmat and not a Rahmat. 
We appreciate all the IMAMS who have guided the Bengaluru Muslims to be a Rahmat. We urge our imams to continue to preach his Sunnah to be non-violent. 

I am pleased to share some of the work we have done, in dealing with the Quran burning pastor in 2013.

Thanks to the Imams in Bengaluru, who have constantly urged Muslims to be peaceful. We are pleased to share some information for the consideration of our IMAMS, who can effectively communicate in Juma khutbas. 

If Muslims can fund $30, 000 we can a full movie to change how Muslims are perceived.
Our First press release in 2013

It prompted a lot of action – it was covered by nearly 300 newspapers from around the world, a few are listed below – every major newspaper has published the material.

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TIMES OF INDIA – For Muslims in American, a novel protest

SAUDI GAZETTE – A proper response to an inflammatory act

HUFFPOST – Muslims pro-act against Quran burning

CBS News – Florida Pastor arrested before the could burn Qurans

INDIA LIFE – Pamela Geller and Garland shooting

VIDEO: Muslim response to Quran burning

VIDEO: Muslim response to Quran burning in Urdu/ Hindi

AHL-E-BAYT – It was published, and cannot find the link at this time.

Mike Ghouse is the author of the book American Muslim Agenda, more about him at

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