Dawn of the Muslim Brotherhood

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Sean Hannity and I have debated about this issue for over one year now, even though the Brotherhood is deemed an extremists organization that disregards the rights of its minorities and women, it is better to have a dialogue with them, it will open the doors for us to have a say if we have a conversation. If we reject them, they dig in their heels, and we will ruin the possibilities of bringing any good even to the Coptic Christians, Baha’is and Women. Thank God, Obama makes sense  in this instrance; this is the right thing to do.

Bush made the biggest blunder of his life time by not recognizing Hamas, a democratically elected government. Had he done that, the scenario would have been different. Obama made another blunder of his time – by vetoing Palestinian statehood in the UNO, had he done that the security for Israel and justice for the Palestinians would have been imminent.
 “For US, Brotherhood is not just a Bible word, but it’s much more beyond that! A once reluctant United States is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood in a nod to Egypt’s new political reality, but concerns linger about the group’s attitude toward minorities, women and the peace treaty with Israel.”

Hindustan Times: 

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