Congratulations to Egyptian People

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May the aspirations of Egyptians for self governance come true, Amen! Thank God, Mubarak listened to the people and hopefully retains some dignity. It is good for him and good for Egyptians and it will be good for Israel and the region.

Israel need not worry, it is a people to people relationship and not between Netanyahu and Mubarak to die off. The right wingers in Israel need to re-think their overtures and focus on building bridges, their fears are legitimate but they need to shape the future through participation and not wishing and scheming.

United States should always side with the people, if not we will lose them all. We talk democracy and time to act democracy.  I know Obama will do the right thing and I have a five step advice for him.
Americans together was formed on 2010 Christmas day, honoring Jesus the Pluralist to build cohesive societies.
My appearance on Fox, talk on two Radio stations and write up in Dallas Morning News and several places:
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