Congratulations to Dallas Pakistanis

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PSNT Oath Ceremony – Pakistan Society;
Installation of newly elected officers
Congratulations to Dr. Rabia Khan the new president of Pakistan Society of North Texas and her executive team, and Dr. Irfan Toor and his outgoing team for a job well done.
The Pakistani community needed this positive change, particularly a woman President representing the community in the civic affairs of the D/FW Metroplex. It will gradually change the perceptions about Pakistan in particular and Muslims in general. I welcome this and again congratulate the community for choosing a very capable woman to run its affairs.
It was a delight to see a smooth transition. This is a good positive thing and hope the tradition is carried forward with the same smoothness.
It is a pleasure to be appreciated when you serve and turn over the servicing to the next group. It was indeed a painful moment to some teams in the past who devoted their time and were not even acknowledged. I am glad to see the freshness in this approach, most past presidents were present and that is really a good thing. For all the painful moments that Dr. Irfan Toor had endured, it was a great relief for him. I am happy for you Dr. Toor.
I have been observing, writing and watching the happenings of the PSNT for the last 18+ years with the Asian News Magazine, Asian TV and Asian News Radio that brought all the communities together and have continued with this Forum, Dallas Pakistanis, a reliable source of information for the last decade.
I have seen all the ups and downs and this is a good positive move forward. I wish the very best for the community. There is nothing like feeling a sense of community.
This forum, Insha Allah will continue to serve the community.  
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In behalf of the World Muslim Congress, I am preparing an appeal to the people, ulema and the government of Pakistan to restore the cohesiveness of the nation following in the footsteps of the Prophet, and if your organization wishes to sign the initial petition, I welcome it.
Happy New Year to ya’ll.
Mike Ghouse

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