Congratulations to the Dallas Fashions for Charity Team

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What a team, a great team!

The team led by Henny Hughes with John Krieger, Kennedy Gbenedio, Teresa Marvon, Jesse Velaquesz, Jessie Anton, Nick Lupo, John Marvon, Sonia Perez, Linda Lemmond, and Omar Marin.

It was such a joy to see the event come through successfully. Indeed everything went as planned with near perfect execution. Our volunteerism is helping the needy children and we all can take pride of our event, as it helps us achieve our goals.

Everyone has done a fabulous job. Drew and LeeAnne were graceful and were great team players. LeeAnne and Drew asked me to sit by them and keep them up with the flow and sequence.  They were truly gracious!

I have to quote the following from Goethe, to describe every one of you,  and your commitment to this event. You were awesome!

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy… Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.… Whatever you can do or dream that you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Here is another quote from Dr. Abdul Hamid Abusulayman, “There is a clear distinction between doubts and problems. Doubts provoke obstruction, frustration and discouragement, where as problems inspire motivation, action and diligence.”

That’s what I saw in our team, inspiration, motivation, action and diligence. 

Henny, I was floored with your designs; you are just one hell of a great designer! I just could believe the uniqueness of each dress, and each dress was greater than the other.  I hope it was a dream come true event for you last night. — The dream to help the disadvantaged children to uplift themselves on  to a level playing field.

Linda, I love your passion and perfectionism, you are a rare gem of a person. Goethe was right about your commitment to work.  You are one of the most organized cool headed persons I have seen.  The problems we encountered inspired you to move on and get the job done, and you always had alternatives.

 I woke up early at 4:00 AM as I have to prepare the script for a radio show in New York over the phone… and wrote this note, half sleep, and I meant to appreciate every one fully even though my words may not justify it.

Kennedy, you managed the registration desk very well. It was a smooth well run operation.

John and Teresa, you guys were so focused on work – to the last minute you were working non-stop, I have a picture of you John with a shirt showing your work – you were graceful to manage the last minute changes – like the food from al-Amir.

Jesse, your passion for photography is incredible, I was watching you run all over and get the best shots of the people, and you were goading everyone to be in the pictures… you did not skip any one, and I liked that. You even went and took pictures of Bobby Young Band. You dived into you work. You were magical with your time,  and hell a great dancer too!

Jessie, you took care of a lot of behind the scene work, the power point, the programming flow and of course the modeling. Sonya you are a quite worker and got the job done.  You two are awesome and your work is appreciated in making this event successful.

Omar, you were there, whereever you were needed; you are a volunteer par-excellence. Nick I missed seeing your work, but appreciate the team spirit.

John, it was great working with you on the stage, and off the stage. You took care of logistics, particularly with the band. The Bobby young band was simply great, and stepped in to make the necessary announcements and helped in managing the schedule. Your mere presence was motivational.

As an appreciation, I would like to invite the team to lunch in an Indian restaurant, if we have difficulty with the time; we can meet next Wednesday evening at 7:00, just as a capstone meeting, sort of the goodbye meeting for the year, in a restaurant in Carrollton – there is a little private room in the back that we all can sit by ourselves. The food is hot and spicy, but good authentic food. They don’t serve alcohol if that is okay with ya’ll.

How to get along with everyone is the need of the day, and with our continued volunteerism,  we will be able to teach the disadvantaged children how to cope with people of different races, cultures and ethnicities, so we can be a small part in raising a generation of responsible citizens.

Mike Ghouse.

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